Our Time Out Mothers’ Group

Karen Diffley: Our Time Out member since 2005

My first meeting, I came and we had just found out about Ian’s issues and we were contemplating going through with the adoption and I was just completely lost. I went to the meeting, met Jaime who had adopted and in talking with her it was almost like, Wow I can do this, instead of total devastation, what am I going do, what’s just happened in my life. That’s how I came into the meeting, just in a fog you know, you’re just…with your head spinning, to talking to Jaime and she is like, “Yeah, we did it. It’s not easy but it so worth it and you can do it and we’ll all be here to help you.” It was Jaime because of her adoption experience, but it was everyone because of their knowledge and their support and it was just like this big hug around me that you can do it. I left there saying, we’re doing it. I can do it. Let’s go. It was a huge moment in my life.

I don’t think of it as a support group, necessarily, you know the old way of thinking of a support group. Now that I’m in the mix, it’s just my good friends that I can relate to more so than my outside friends who have typical kids. We can talk about anything and they understand or they’ve been there. It’s an amazing connection. I always learn something. I always go away with at least one thing that is like, “Aha! That’s what I needed.” But I also try to share my experiences so that someone else can hopefully learn. I really rely on the parents, moms that have gone through it already. I’m always asking questions.

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