The Prieto Family’s Journey: Birth to 3

A Family's Perspective on Life and a Child with Special Needs

Looking back over my life, I think that four years ago I would never imagine that this is where I would be.

This past summer I attended some conferences on Down syndrome and I learned a lot about how I want to perceive my daughter and how I want other people to see her. I really think that disability is a natural state of our population and that 50% of Americans will become disabled at one point in their life. For me it’s really important about how I talk about my daughter for her self-esteem and realizing that people with special needs don’t want to be special, they just want to be treated equal. It’s very important for our family that we treat Gabby just like we would her younger sister.

So, definitely at a different place in my life that I would never have imagined four years ago, but I really think because of people like the Infant Development Program helping me and guiding me and answering questions and offering support that I can totally embrace where I am now and feel very comfortable about it and celebrate all that it has to offer.

(Video Clip Conversation)

“Oh Hi-Five? Gabs” “Sissy wants five” (laughing) “Okay”

“Somewhere right there” “ In this area right here” “Right over here, keep looking right over here Gabby”

“Six, seven, eight ohhh!!” “Oh no” (laughing)

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