The Prieto Family’s Journey: Birth to 3

A Family's New Adventures

When Gabby turned two we had her Individualized Family Service Plan and it was a chance for her outside therapist that she had and her SCOE Infant Development Program team to come to our house and it was just a really positive time for us to reflect over the past year and talk about all the goals that she met. And again, my husband and I like to brag so it was a great chance for us to talk about all the great things that she was doing just day-to-day, and it was a chance to take all these great things that she was doing and set another year of goals with her. And for us it was really enlightening to have all this knowledgeable professional help behind us. We were first time parents so it was a great experience for us.

In December of 2003, Gabby’s little sister was born. Never once were we worried about having another baby with Down syndrome. To be honest, I was scared of having a “normal” baby that cried all the time and didn’t sleep through the night. One of my favorite memories of being a mom is the day after I had Lucy and Jorge brought Gabby to visit. I had never spent the night away from Gabby and my arms ached to hold her. She crawled into bed with me and she sat there and held her little sister. Gabby looked like she couldn’t be happier.

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