Special Education Comprehensive Review Parent Survey

The California Department of Education Special Education Division (CDE-SED) conducts Comprehensive Reviews of selected school districts each year. As stated within the CDE Special Education Notification of CR Letter (to school districts), the purpose of the review is to; Provide effective general supervision to local educational agencies (LEAs) in accordance with the obligations imposed on the State Education Agency under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in accordance with the State Performance Plan (SPP), and as required by Title 34 Code of Federal Regulations Section 300.600. Ensure that the LEAs, county offices of education (COE), and Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs) are providing appropriate supervision and monitoring for special education programs and services.

There are many monitoring activities within this type of review. One component of the review is parent input, collected from the following three sources:

  1. Input from Parent Training and Information Centers and Family Empowerment Centers
  2. Input from the local Community Advisory Council
  3. Input from parents of students with an IEP in the LEA

Through the Seeds of Partnership, CDE-SED is utilizing the Partnering with Parents Survey to gather input from parents of students with an IEP in LEAs selected for a CR. The survey is designed to provide the state with information on how well schools are supporting parents' involvement in their child's education. Information gathered will be helpful in identifying areas of strength and areas that may need improvement in your child's school district.

Parents are invited to participate in completing a survey as part of the Comprehensive Review by the deadlines indicated below. If the deadline has passed, or your district is not in the list below, you may still complete a survey to be included in the statewide aggregated data.

2018-2019 Districts selected to participate in the CDE-SED Comprehensive Review

District School(s) Deadline to submit survey
to be included in school
district CR Review
Alameda Unified All 3/9/2019
Compton Unified All 3/15/2019
Eastside Union Elementary All 3/22/2019
Hollister All 4/1/2019
Inglewood Unified All 3/9/2019
Island Union Elementary All 4/1/2019
Jefferson Union High All 3/11/2019
Kingsburg Elementary Charter
Central Valley Home
Los Angeles Unified All 3/21/2019
Oakland Unified All 3/11/2019
Pajaro Valley Unified All 3/25/2019
Pasadena Unified All 3/28/2019
Perris Union High All 3/10/2019
Redlands Unified All 3/13/2019
San Francisco Unified All 3/12/2019
San Mateo Union High All 3/15/2019
San Rafael City High All 3/12/2019
Santa Barbara Unified
Santa Barbara Charter
Santa Rosa Elementary All 3/3/2019
Stockton Unified All 3/10/2019
Twin Rivers Unified All 3/13/2019

If your child has a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and is between the ages of three and 22, we invite you to participate in our Partnering with Parents Survey.

To request a survey by mail in Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Korean, Russian, Tagalog or Vietnamese, please call the Seeds of Partnership office at 916-228-2388 and leave your name and address.

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