LEA Family Engagement Contacts

Several Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across California have departments or individuals within their district specifically designated to support and actively engage parents, guardians, extended family and community members as valued partners in the education process. Many districts call these Family and Community Engagement departments (FACE). These departments or individuals serve as a resource to all parents within the district or school in an effort to promote and increase family engagement and partnership in education. Over 50 years of research tells us family engagement in education contributes greatly to both student achievement and a positive school environment.

Family and Community Engagement departments and staff often assist families, school/district staff, and community members in the district or region with the following type of efforts and supports; family education, parent leadership development, district family engagement initiatives, community resources, professional development training related to family engagement/partnering with families, business and community partnerships, volunteer support and related training, and so much more.

Supports and services may differ across LEAs, as programs reflect the needs, resources, and availability of staff. No one department or program is the same, some LEAs do not have designated departments or staff for this priority area.

To see if your LEA has a family engagement department or individual contact, choose your district from the dropdown list. If your district does not appear in the dropdown list, it means we do not have information on your district at this time and encourage you to contact your LEA directly to ask.