Students thrive in a High Quality Early Learning Environment (HQELE)

This comprehensive panoramic virtual tour emphasizes principles of a quality classroom design and incorporates key strategies on how to replicate highlighted elements. Early Childhood Special Education teachers, General Education teachers, and administrators are always looking to enhance their classroom environments to support all students. This tool provides the opportunity to gain valuable ideas to build upon existing philosophical and program practices, wherever a program or classroom may be on the Least Restrictive Environment continuum. 82k PDF

There are many aspects that make up a High Quality Early Learning Program. Considerations must be taken into account for a high-quality workforce, positive relationships, Universal Design, children with IEPs and dual language learners ( 8.3 MB PDF), etc. The specific focus of this tool is the classroom’s physical indoor environment, integrated materials and other important elements such as routines and documentation that are difficult to separate from a High Quality Learning Environment (HQELE).

Explore this HQELE Classroom

This online tool allows visitors using a desktop computer (Mac OS/Windows) or a mobile device (iPhone/iPad/Android) to take a self-guided panoramic virtual tour of the entire preschool classroom. Explore the classroom through the 360° panorama, then delve into visual media and related resources of the five defined Key Elements that make up this High Quality Early Learning Environment (HQELE).

Navigate areas of the classroom by zooming in for a closer look at materials and room arrangement. Use the onscreen navigation controls at the bottom of the screen to move around the room. Select the key icon () to explore one of the Key Elements. These hot spots represent a sample of each particular Key Element within the panoramic virtual tour.

Panorama 4

How to Use This Tool Explore the Panorama Produced by SEEDS